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The Magic Thief: Found

Sarah Prineas


Conn is following a shooting star through a wilderness of woods and mountains, far from his home. What is he up to? Conn thinks the star will lead him to his locus magicalicus, or wizard stone. He needs this to save his city of Wellmet, whose magic is close to dying. With a new order of exile from Wellmet, this time with a death penalty, Conn has never been in such a tight fix. When a flame dragon shoots from the sky to pick him up in his mouth, Conn is swept away to a further adventure. Who is the dragon and will Conn ever get back to save his city, and himself, in time? INTERACTIVE WEBSITE Visit for fun games, lost diary entries and author interviews.


This is the third book in the triolgy about Conwater, the magic thief and his fiesty old friend the wizard Nevery Flinglass. and Sarah Princeas has written another exciting story, full of suspense and suprises. I especially
enjoyed the part about the fire dragon and Conwater looking for his locus magicalous on Dragon

I love the concept of these books the way the author involves her readers into stories. She even has a website where children can log on and have fun interacting with the games and lost diaries etc. Also at the end of this book there is a pattern for a scarf, which in the book Benet knitted for Conwater.

I hope that Sarah Princeas will continue writing she has such a marvellous talent.


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