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McCarthy's Bar

Pete McCarthy

Pete McCarthy's tale of his hilarious trip around Ireland has gained thousands of fans all over the world. Pete was born in Warrington to an Irish mother and an English father and spent happy summer holidays in Cork. Years later, reflecting on the many places he has visited as a travel broadcaster, Pete admits that he feels more at home in Ireland than anywhere. To find out whether this is due to rose-coloured spectacles or to a deeper tie with the country of his ancestors, Pete sets off on a trip around Ireland and discovers that it has changed in surprising ways. Firstly, obeying the rule 'never pass a pub with your name on it', he encounters McCarthy's bars up and down the land, and meets English hippies, German musicians, married priests and many others. This is a funny, affectionate look at one of the most popular countries in the world.

This is a hilarious book, the antics of the author on his trip around the pubs and towns and villages of Ireland.   His aim is to visit all the places where there is a McCathy's bar and seek out his family roots.

Some of the stories that he tells are just really fantastic. Some are real tall stories as any Irish man can tell you especiaaly when they have been downing the local tipple.

This is a great book of stories but also a wonderful journey of discovery in and around Ireland.  This has been a real chance for me to learn more about the places around the country from which I came and only have visited as yet just once. I'm looking forward to going back and learning some more about my country of origin but this book has really opened my eyes to some of the way out places to visit next time I venture across the Irish Sea.


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